Wine Ratings (20 Point Scale)

Astute readers may have picked up on the presence of a certain number of points alongside the Five Star ratings. They’re scattered rather than omnipresent, depending on the presence of the iPad in the tasting environment.

Keeping track of what I’ve tried and what I thought about it (of vital interest when I’m looking to reorder since you can’t buy it all) was the basis for developing the Five Star bit, but I wanted something beyond that. With the iPad  I turned my attention to ways I could use Bento to tackle such issues. Predictably, the first idea was far too complicated. I’ll be back to it,h once I’ve got the right descriptors listed and when I do there’ll be a tasting form with check boxes beside a number of flavours associated with each varietal.

In the interim I’ve appropriated this Twenty Point scale, which is quite workable at the moment. From the options you select the appropriate item from each list, tot up the total and there you are saying Hello to Uncle Robert.

The options?

Clarity: Brilliant (2), Bright (1.5), Dull (1.0), Cloudy (0.5);

Colour:  Appropriate for varietal/type (2), Close (1.5), Slightly off (1), Flawed (0.5);

Bouquet: Distinct varietal character (4), Straightforward (3), Little character (2), Underdeveloped (1) Defective (0);

Flavour: Complex (2), Simple (1.5), Agreeable (10, Nondescript (0.5);

Texture: Appropriate for varietal/type (2), Close (1.5), Slightly heavy/slightly thin (1), Too heavy/thin (0.5);

Bitterness: Well balanced (1), Slightly bitter, but still balanced (0.5), Too bitter, unbalanced (0);

Acidity: Proper balance, appropriate (1), Close (0.5), Unbalanced, tart/flabby (0)

Astringency:  Appropriates (1), Slightly high/low (0.5) Too tannic or flaccid (0)

Sweetness: Appropriate (1), Close (0.5), Cloying, out of balance (0)

Overall quality: “Noble” (4). “Charming” (3), Typical of the variety (2), No exceptional characteristics, but not flawed (1), No exceptional characteristics, flaws (0)

It’s much simpler when you can just tap the screen, though you still have to add up!